Masks 101

Coronet Collection Mask Tips and Tricks

We are a group of Moms in the fashion business and find ourselves navigating this new normal. Rest assured that any mask that you see on our site, we are personally using and providing for our families, to keep them comfortable and safe.

We are here with you on this journey and our goal is to source quality, comfortable masks that are easy to care for.

We have quickly learned - A MASK IS ONLY AS GOOD AS IT IS COMFORTABLE.  If a mask does not fit properly, then you will find yourself frequently adjusting it with your hands. If that is the case, then you might as well not even have one on. Universally the experts are telling us, once those masks are on - DON'T TOUCH!

Here is what we have learned and want to share with you:

  • Discover what is comfortable for YOU. One of our Moms prefers a “surgeon style” tie mask, one prefers adjustable elastic ear straps, and one wears our basic elastic strap and knots it to fit around her ears comfortably. What works for you?
  • This is very important: Spend some time getting to know your mask. Decide how you want the adjustable nose clip to fit. Initially I made mine too tight and pushed down in the wrong area of my nose in my efforts to make the mask snug - and the mask was not comfortable and squished my nose. I couldn't wait to get the mask off my face. After trying different pressure points I finally found a comfortable spot. For me it was better to push on the outer ends of the nose clip (not directly on top of my nose)...more so under my eyes. This gave me some breathing room without feeling like I flatted the mask into my face. Same goes for ear adjusters and ties. Work with your mask at home and wear it around the house. Once you find a good fit, you'll be thankful 
  • “Surgeon style” – always leave the top tie tied… if you want to remove it only untie the bottom tie and slip it over your head.   Easy on and off as you go about your day. Small head? Large head? Average head? This style is great for ALL shapes and sizes AND it eliminates gaps when worn. 
  • Do you wear Glasses? And don't forget sunglasses. A bendable nose clip helps to prevent fogging.
  • Bendable nose clip – we all agree that the nose clip is a must… once you wear a mask with one, there is no turning back. It prevents us from touching our face, helps those of us who have glasses, and eliminates gaps so the mask fits better with all shapes and sizes.
  • As of right now, this virus doesn’t seem like it’s going anywhere and we have learned that we need a good stash of masks ready to go at anytime… for all members of our family.
  • How many masks should you have on hand, per person?  Think about it like this: How many pairs of socks do you have and you only wear those once a day.
  • One of our Moms has 4 per person for right now while we are still on quarantine, but thinks she will want each person in her family to have at least 8 masks once we are back to going out and about… UNLESS you have the time to wash all your masks each day. When we open back up and we are going to multiple places in one day, it’s recommended we wash the mask after each outing, not just at the end of the day. Maybe you want to keep a few spares in your car if you forgot them at home. Maybe its been a long day and you don't want the pressure of washing a mask. Maybe you're travelling and need several for the trip.
  • What is recommended to keep the mask clean: it is suggested you wash your mask after each outing. So, if you go grocery shopping and come home, that mask should go in the wash and a fresh mask is needed for your next outing.
  • Now, more than ever we have so many more responsibilities to juggle so having a mask that dries quickly is KEY
  • Washing masks - Do you have time to hand wash OR do you want to only machine wash masks? Our 100% Cotton Mask is suitable to hand wash only and laid to dry. Our Spring/Summer Cotton Blend Mask looks good as new, without wrinkles, straight out of the washing machine and looks just as good hand washed. This version also dries super fast if you need to wash and re-wear same day. Or hit it with a quick blow dry to dry it super fast. 
  • We recommend washing the summer masks on the warm cycle but for those of us who are self-proclaimed “germaphobes” (we have one in our group), we tested it on a hot cycle and the mask came out great. Always air dry your mask to avoid shrinking the mask.

We would love to hear from you... please share all your best tips and tricks and we will happily post them to this blog. And most especially - thank you for supporting our small business during this time. 

Stay Safe.

Coronet Collection